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Custom Pet Portrait Pricing

Jim Maurer,  the accidental artist.

$400.00 = 20x20

2 or more $375.00 Per Dog

$500.00 = 24×24

2 or more $475.00 Per Dog

$600.00 = 24x36

$750.00 = 24×36 (2 Dogs together) $1000.00 = 36x36 

$1500.00 = 36x48

$1800.00 = 36x48 (2 Dogs together) $2000.00 = 48x48

$2400.00 = 48x60 Custom sizes available for an additional fee.

From the Rat Race, to a Pet's Face...

Jim was blessed with a lay off as a corporate executive for a major health care organization while in his early 40s. This led to an opportunity for free ‘reeducation’ from the state of Alabama. In an effort to NEVER wear another suit and tie again, he selected graphic design as his new field of study.  The curriculum included a few traditional art classes and it is here he discovered, much to his surprise, a latent talent!

Jim is a natural-born leader. However, as a firm believer in a Divine plan, he goes where he is led.  Born and raised in Altoona, Pennsylvania, he got a cosmic call to move to Mobile, AL at the age of 19. He’s been known to say it was an easy decision, because, ”ya don’t have to shovel humidity.” After earning his  commercial art degree at age 46, Jim decided that the only dumbass he ever wanted to work for was himself.  A friend mentioned he should become a Jackson Square artist and after 11 years of commuting, he is now a proud New Orleans resident.

These whimsical animal portraits are a fairly recent development in an ever-evolving Jim. The ability to capture the personality; the actual essence of his subjects, is a gift that he never takes for granted. He thrives on the creative process and is grateful he was introduced to the artist hiding within.

JT’s Psychedelic Animal Farm

JT’s Psychedelic Animal Farm
Is here for art, it means no harm.

You can find it on Jackson Square
In New Orleans when the weather is Fair.

He paints so many types of things,
Like pets with legs or scales or wings.

Text him a photo of your best friend
Then see what happens in the end!

You pick the species and the breed.
Choose your colors – that’s all he’ll need.

Support a great artist that is local,
Make a spot on your wall that is focal!

He takes cash and or credit,
Place an order – you won’t regret it!

Just in case you didn’t know –
Shipping’s included, you’re good to go!